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Why doesn’t openSUSE use smart as a default package manager

There is definitely something i’m not getting about this issue.

it’s known that since 10.1 and openSUSE suffers horrible bugs in it’s package management system and it’s the only distro that i know of that when installing it you get advised to totally dump your entire package management system and use a new one ie. SMART .

so why don’t they just put it as a default choice if users are comfortable with ?

I know that the GUI for smart is not good enough but the base system is just awesome .. some say it’s even better than Debian’s apt-get and Fedora’s Yum according to there case studies .

wasn’t it easier to integrate smart in Yast and creat a new GUI for it instead of creating a whole new system .

The new system may be good or even better than smart , BUT it’s new and it will need a lot of testing and loooong hours of hard working it’s just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I always loved openSUSE but just couldn’t get along with it’s pkg mgr and always reverted back to Ubuntu.

a lot of people including me are waiting for the new openSUSE 10.3 next month and honestly i think that this is openSUSE’s last chance , 3 versions in a raw with the same problems can’t be good at all .


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4 responses to “Why doesn’t openSUSE use smart as a default package manager

  1. daP ⋅

    Ever used smart on a x86_64 system?

    I recommend you give it a shot – might give you a whole new perspective why its used by default.

  2. dosnlinux

    The only thing I can think of is that SUSE needs extra stability since it is an enterprise OS. The new system may not have as much testing, but Novell may be able to have as much control over the SMART product as they need.

    Then again they may not use it because it’s Not Invented Here.

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  4. TuXero I

    Sorry guys i didn’t notice that comment moderation was turned on :S .
    SMART is an open source project which means they can modify and controlo it as they wish and in any way ZMD which is the SLED tool has been removed from the community project .
    “Then again they may not use it because it’s Not Invented Here” i thing you are right in this one as it’s the only rational explanation to the issue

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