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i want to cry


why is it so shameful for a man to cry in our society ?
i do want to cry as hard as i can , i feel depressed and stressed to the limit .
i feel like a kid who is left home alone in the dark .
or like a mute blind deaf person who can’t communicate or tell the world what the hell is wrong with him .
i want to cry!


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

8 responses to “i want to cry

  1. i want to cry so bad it just wont come out!

  2. Xero

    crying really helps sometimes … the problem is that you become too stressed even for crying .. tears just won’t come out

  3. Ellena ⋅

    Do you need help?

  4. Xero

    every body needs help . that’s undeniable fact .
    it just depends on what kind of help being offered !

  5. misunderstood131313 ⋅

    So you’re a guy i’m guessing. it is sad and stupid that it is considered “unmanly” to cry in our society today. I have done alot of crap in my life and seen things some people will go thier entire lives without having to witness. eventually i just numbed myself. and now i never cry. don’t do what i did. just say ____ YOU!! its fine to cry, and I hope you will and not let some bunch of ______keep you from expressing yourself, email me or something if you want to talk.

  6. Xero

    if it’s “unmanly” to cry in the States, imagine how it’s like in the heart of the Middle East .

    well.. just saying what i wanna say is starting to help a little.
    the problem is that no body understands or even listens .

  7. Abbey ⋅

    e-mail me. we can cry together.

  8. Xero

    do you seriously think i can email you with this kind of ’email address you have’
    you know what i’m talking about ..
    another thing .. read the latest post .. i no longer wanna cry

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