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everybody’s Alternative

Alternative duality

I do have a lot of friends with all kinds of personalities ,but i don’t know why i always get the feeling that i’m everybody’s second choice or alternative that they turn out to ,just when they have no one else.
Although i don’t really care or think about this a lot ,but deep down i’ve always known it and it HURTS LIKE HELL .


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

4 responses to “everybody’s Alternative

  1. insomniac

    it only hurts because u do care about it! you keep it under loads of pseudo indifference…

    however, why not think of it as alternative, why not a safety net?

  2. Xero

    actually this things only come to my mind when I’m alone which is almost 3/4 of the time.
    what should i be doing then? ..
    just ignore the whole thing and life my life.
    well that’s what I’ve been trying to do till now ,but it’s not working .

    ‘a safety net’ ..
    a safety net is only good or needed when you need rescue ,it’s not just a second choice .. it’s a last one .

  3. imagine... ⋅

    i think i know exactly how you feel cuz i feel that with my friends too… although i know they love me and all i still feel like im second im not the first person they trust with everything…. but i guess i hafta prove myself to them in the end… because they are my friends and they deserve a second chance atleast..

  4. Xero

    prove myself by doing what ?
    and what is it that i’m / you already doing wrong ?
    i don’t intend to take any action with them in the first place to give them a second chance.
    i know the problem is MYSELF ,but i just can’t locate it .

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