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Sex Vs. Sport


So i have a question for you people ..
Does practicing sport makes you desire sex a little less ??
if yes then what ?? .. whenever i feel horny i would just go around and
jump over stuff or even have a pretty tough soccer match ?well the problem is in middle eastern countries such as mine pre-martial sex is a MAJOR sin by the rules of Islam .

I’m not a really committed Muslim myself ,but I try to avoid stuff labeled as “MAJOR SINS” .
problem is that I’m convinced that people shouldn’t have sex before
marriage not mentioning being faithful after it 🙂 .

Anyway ,this is not the issue now, the issue is : Does practicing sport makes it any easier to survive without it ??
if yes then what kind of sport and does it really helps?
if no, then what do you think is the solution ? and please don’t throw at
me stuff like go and have sex dude, or go gay or something like that 🙂 .

many people would think that this post is hilarious – including me – ,but it needs to be answered nonetheless .


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

3 responses to “Sex Vs. Sport

  1. Janna ⋅

    you know i’ve found that sports doesn’t really help with controlling the desires if you know what i mean but i wear a rubber-band around my right wrist and every time that i think an immoral thought, i snap the rubber band. it helps because it’s a negative consequince to the thoughts which stops the actual event from happening. Try it. i know it’s helped me!

  2. Xero

    😀 ok .. that’s a problem .. i think i’ll try sport anyway …
    the rubber band is a nice idea ,but works better with kids 😀 plus i don’t wanna connect sex with any thing bad .. i just want it on time 😀

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