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A weird nightً

yesterday was one of the weirdest nights in my life .

it started with a Mechanical Vibration lesson which neither I or anybody in the Entire college understands it ,but the subject tends to make you feel like you are doing something BIG 😀

Anyway .. i finished it up ,i was in Sporting area and decided to take a walk on the courniche to Raml station . it was 11 pm and i thought maybe I’d see a movie or something .

i started walking on the courniche and the sea cold wind started to hit me ,i felt like i was high or something .

i arrived at the Cinema exactly at 11:30 i found only on seat available in the show for Heya fawda .. it was a lonely seat in the middle of the show that nobody felt like taking ,probably because nobody went alone .

that left me with a complete hour before the midnight show at 12:30 ..


He’s in a rush run
He has to hurry dash
He’s in a rat race
Never had a slow pace


The first real cigarette ..

at this point i was in the weirdest mode i’ve ever been in years ..

so i just figured out that i’ve never smoked a real cigarette before ..

why ? i don’t know .. probably because i didn’t do it before ..

it’s just there is so much stuff that i didn’t do before for various reasons that i ended up doing almost nothing in my 22 years of life ..

so i went to the nearest market and asked the man : a pack of cigarettes please .. he looked at me like i was stupid or something and said : which brand you want ?

me: what do you have ?

him: white LM ..

me: only .

him: yeah.

ok the guy is apparently brilliant

me: then i’ll have one then ..

i bought the cigerretes and a lighter and walked down on an Empty street ..

it was Salah salem st. in the middle of old Alexandria ..

the reason i picked up an empty one that i won’t be lauhed at when i couch 😀

He wants his blood boil
Always in turmoil
Blasting his everyway
Throughout the shortest day

old streets
i smoked the first one and coughed a little but it soon became very quite ..

i was walking down from a street to a street all alone like i was in ghost city .

these streets have building more than 100 years old for some reason one song -The gathering – shortest day- kept ringing in my mind over and over again until i started singing it out loud ..

i was one of my fantasies .

walk down alone the old streets alone ,sing loudly with a fine cigarette in my mouth..
it was a weird yet a very gr8 feeling ..

Forever dangerous and never serious
Swimming against the stream
And steal all of your dreams

The movie

by the time i became self aware from this feeling i found myself in some back street in Manshiya and it’s already 12:20 and it’s only 10 mins till the film begains ..

i returned back the the cinema ,it was stuffed with people from all over Egypt as usual in the holidays and the days after it.

i was still singing when i got to my seat ..

the man behind me began ye 2az2az lebb and i fucken hate how it smells not mentioning how annoying the sound is ..

i found myself singing a dirty song some of my friends made up …

ya ibn el metnaka .. ya waaaad

fakar beyshyaka … ya waaaad

in a hearable voice .. there were two guys sitting besides me who started laughing hard at it .. i looked at them and just returned to sing the shortest day like nothing happened , fortunately, the man behind me didn’t hear it .

i finished the movie in an even better mood and decided that i’m gonna walk home although it was 2:30 am already.

when i was walking away i heard a laughing voice shouting :
fakar beshyaka .. ya 7oooooda

i smoked another 4 cigarettes in my way home ..

for some reason or another i was a happy man that night .

Aggravation is appreciated
He’ll use you like a tool
Association is overrated
Friends are for fools

About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

2 responses to “A weird nightً

  1. it is a vision of a great night already!! 🙂

    the worst part is , when u go 2 a cinema alone..u just want 2 be alone. but when u find it all crowded & ppl with leb & stuff..

    it starts losin’ its effect >

    bas great , all in all!

    how was the movie ?? when i saw it i cried shwaia …
    what did u do?!!

  2. Xero

    who said that going to the cinema alone is bad ??

    ok .. it may be bad for some people ,but the idea is when ti can’t find anybody to go with or i wasn’t planning to go then i go alone and enjoy it 😀 .
    plus i actually stopped caring about the presence of people in my life and started to focus on enjoying it with or without them ..

    The movie deserves a post of it’s own ,but unlike you .. i was happy almost all the time in the show ..

    Forsa 7elwa we7yat rabena 😛

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