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Can i have some cloth … please

Thin man

Ok people .. here it goes .

i’m an UNUSUALLY thin person, although i don’t look anything like those anarixic ppl in TV ,but i definitely don’t look like an average person .

22 years old and weigh about 55 Kg and i’ve been on those 55 kg for about 6 years now.

no matter what i do ,how much i eat or kind of food ,i don’t gain or lose any weight .

But actually this is not a big problem to me ,i’m pretty much comfortable in my own skin ,

The real problem is in finding clothes that actually fits .

me and my friend were in Concrete the other day .. i wanted to buy a pullover .

i virtually checked every piece there and nothing fits .

if it fits on the shoulders it looks like a galabeya at the rest 😀 .

suddenly the girl that works there told me that i might like to check the children’s section.

blood just ran into my head and i was very angry by her ,then i started laughing ,if i like it and it fits then to hell with adult stuff plus she’s got a point 🙂 .. where is the kids section please ??

i went there and graped a T-shirt that i liked and guess what .. it was too big :@ ..

i shouted : WTF .. why are you manufacturing this stuff ?? do you have Godzilla’s babies around here ?? what kind of kids will fit in these ?? you gotta be kidding ..

I turned around to find both my friend and the girl laughing till they almost fill down on the floor ..

ok ,seriously ppl .. if they do XXXXXXL stuff like that for ppl who need it ,then why not making an 1/2 M for me ??? i’m pissed .

it really limits the things i can wear and almost eliminates any kind of choice ,if it fits -take it .

so does any body have any ideas ,hints, or rob3 geneeh salaf 😛


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

6 responses to “Can i have some cloth … please

  1. insomniac

    regardless what ur figure or size is… apparel sizes in egypt is a major problem, you know that when stuff that are tagged M are a bit looser than those that are tagged L….. and don’t get me started on shoes!!

  2. Xero

    lol .. yeah .. and there is no S in there … it’s like ppl were born BIG .. still i need to wear something !

  3. Jade

    Heheheh! Yo I have the same problem but the other way around…
    I am so tall & the fashion industry (especially the Middle Eastern one) does not cater to my long legs & arms…
    So yes, I too have reached the “if it fits I’ll take it” & it sucks – I always find my size – that’s no problem but it’s so stupid walking around in a fancy expensive suit when the pants are short & the jacket’s sleeves look like I took it from my little sister!
    URGHHHHHHHHH! It makes my head boil – shopping in Germany though was heaven… But how often can I do that?
    Cheers & Have a happy new year!!

  4. Xero

    😀 all this + ‘ no matter where you buy you cloth or how expensive they are , it may still shrinks after you wash it ‘ .. bad for you ,good for me hehehe
    seriously ,this can be the answer , buy a large shirt ,put it in cold water and wait for it to shrink hehehhe … god, i think i’m losing it .

  5. insomniac

    actually hot water does the trick better… oh oh oh and on wool, it makes it baby size….. my mom once washed a pullover that belonged to my dad in hot water (probably to spite him) and now it looks more like something my baby sis would wear 😀

  6. Xero

    heheh .. :S hot water worked the other way around for me .. i had a T-shirt who my mom wrongly washed on a 90 c or something like that , the sleeves became about 1.5 m long or so .

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