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The first time i heard about this film was at mindonna’s blog and once i read it i knew i gotta see this movie ,but it took me a while though .

this film is one of the VERY few movies that i can label as weird ,usually i like weird stuff .things that turn out nothing like i expected still this one came out on the top.

It simply talks about sex. not like a porn movie it talks about how it effects the life of people .

it can make you a happy person or miserable one.

I watched the movie for the for the time not knowing what to expect, and when i saw the for the 2 minutes of it i was going to instantly delete it ,that’s when i remembered reading somewhere that the director intentionally made it this way to shock the viewer and give them a hint -a hard one- about what they are about to see.  So i continued seeing it and i wasn’t disappointed.

the movie use REAL sex all over it with ALL kinds of it ,but somehow it didn’t come out like a cheap porn thing and it got you into something deeply emotional that it eliminates all aspects of disgust or sexuality .





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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

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