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Why do Girls prefer Assholes?

May be this is not the suitable post for valentine time ,but i don’t care any way so here it is.

Why do Girls prefer Assholes?
A simple question.. Why do most Egyptian Girls prefer assholes?
Sure not all of them, but a large portion of them are attracted to guys who just treat them by the meanest way possible (sy el sayed way).
And don’t tell me that is not true because I’ve seen it right in front of my eyes A LOT.
A friend of mine was screaming at his girl friend for returning home at 4:00pm ..that’s right 4 at the mid day ,but he told her to return at 2:00 that’s 2 hours late .. WTF
He is a really nice guy, so when I asked him why he does that?
The answer was simple.. he has to .
If he doesn’t do that then she won’t like him ..
So I said: dude… You are an asshole.
He replayed: I know.. That’s how they (the girls) like it , you gotta be an asshole to get the girls heart .
Once more time .. WTF
The problem is that the situations I’ve seen prove him right, the more the guy treats the girl like hell the more she gets attached to him, it’s stupid.
Another friend of mine is a super womanizer, yet I’ve never EVER seen him treating one of them with even small portion of dignity… And they alllike him…

for the third time WTF.

Another thing you learn hanging around with TYPICAL Egyptian chicks, if you can’t –don’t want to- lie then you don’t stand a chance dude.

I don’t want to sound silly, but i’ve seen things and i just can’t understand it .

does any one has any other explanations?


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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

8 responses to “Why do Girls prefer Assholes?

  1. charafantah ⋅

    very true man….how many time did i see that? A LOT
    the ass hole treats her like shit, and she just loves him more..i’ve seen it with my own eyes…he tells her he hates, he loves another girl and live on her money…and she still loves him… A LOT of examples

    the worst thing is, when SHE comes complain to you 🙂
    and she’s like, “he sucks, he’s an ass hole, he’s really mean to me…i wish he could be just like you, nice and sweet and treat me the way you do”….”but no, you’re just a friend…even though you’re prince charming to me….i’ll just stick with the ass hole i love…and even when he dumps me, i’ll not think of you, i’ll go find myself another ass hole”

    its called life man 🙂

  2. Jade

    Oh Zero…
    I wish I had anything to say to comfort you. I am a girl & I will not say that you are being silly or that it isnt true. Unfortunately it is. & I’ve also seen it with my girlfriends… being in abusive, sometimes aggressive relationships & hanging on to a total asshole that treats them like shit for reasons I can not comprehend.

    I believe it has to do with the culture all together dear. Girls in Egypt grew up seeing their dad treat their mom like shit… Grew up believing that a strong man is one that is heartless & mean. & that the true essence of being a woman is to be “Weak” & “Helpless” & It all translates subconciously in their attitude.

    I cant stand assholes… or arrogant guys. Not because I see myself equal to men & all that feminis shit some other women are trying to achieve, but because in Loving me… You care for me, you treat me with respect & tenderness… that’s a true man treating a fragile delicate women.

    We are blinded by the culture we grow up to experience… & we cant tell that it’s all wrong… Girls in Egypt dont know otherwise.. they are not used to it – if they meet the “Nice Guy” they think he’s boring, weak, momma’s boy & it’s just really sad – that nice guys like you… are left single (Like my brother) Because they grew up to be true Gentlemen.

    Sorry my comment is so depressing.. but surely God will send you someone that will appreciate & Understand you… Kol foula w leeha kayal.


  3. Xero

    Charafantah : dude … if this is life then we must be zombies 😀

    Jade: i wasn’t whining about being single in this post actually 🙂 as this does have a lot of reasons other than not being an asshole 🙂 .
    If it’s something that is just in there blood then what is the solution ?
    the problem with “kol foula w leeha kayal ” and ” el toyoor 3ala ashkaleha taka3″ that it requires hard searching and it won’t happen if you just sit and wait .

  4. Jade


    Do not underestimate Desitiny.

  5. Xero

    i don’t …
    i just don’t like relying on it

  6. Sadly True ⋅

    Yes this is sadly a true fact, they love assholes because the enjoy the drama they enjoy the “game” of having trouble to make relationship work, it’s more like a game to them, if you’re easy, they will lose interest

  7. Joel ⋅

    I believe I’m in the “middle ground” when it comes to this. I’m respectful, and concider my girls feelings whenever I’m in a relationship. But I also concider my own and don’t allow my kindness to be taken for granted like some “duck” fool.

    I don’t fall into the catagory of the typical “nice guy” who will do anything for a women. I’m just a respectful person who keeps true to himself. I’m generally respectful to everyone(guys and girls). Another thing I find is that alot of these so called “assholes” use that persona as a defense mechanism, and are sensative at heart, and don’t show their “true” feelings until they have screwed up too many times, and realise they fucked up.

    I’ve seen some of these assholes even resort to begging and crying to get their girls back. I have been involved with women who say the same bullshit “I just want a nice guy who will treat me right”.

    These are girls I liked and they new it, but would choose these dumb assholes who treat them like shit, and then they run back to me and bitch and complain to me about it. There was one whos oldman was cheating on her and she knew about it. She would always run to me and complain about it(and she knew I liked her).

    Well when they finally broke up, she asked me “do you want to be with me?”, and I said yes. But this dumb bitch has the nerve to tell me I’m a “pushover” and she can get me to do whatever she wants because I “like her that much”.

    Her exact words were “I could tell you I’m going out with my guy friends, and your gonna stay here all night and wait for me till I get back. I would tell you if you don’t, I’m gonna leave you. And you would do it because your nice and you like me that much”.

    That pissed me off, and I stopped f**kin with her as of late. I had sex with her and we were FWB(Friends With Benefits) for a while, but that last statement just pushed me away from her. She called me a few weeks ago drunk and crying about some shit that happened to her when she went to a bar, and I didn’t even answer the phone. She left a tearful voice message asking why I don’t talk to her anymore, and that I’m the one person she needed to talk to that night(and I could care less to be honest).

    Now shes all insecure about how I feel about her, and questions me why shes not #1 on my Myspace friends list anymore. And another time when were we talking on the phone I told her I had to go(I really just didn’t feel like talking anymore). She said “Goodnite, I love you”. And I said “ok” and just hung up in her face(so I guess its true about being an asshole gets women to want you more lol)

    I’m so sick of women(and people in general)building this stereotype that all “nice guys” are pushovers and can’t stand up for themselves. But its complicated. I knew another girl who was married to an asshole. He would yell at her, call her a bitch and always put her down. She kept giving him chance after chance until he finally crossed the line and hit her. She was always trying to cheat on him with me because she said I “treated her the way he didn’t”. But she admitted shes more attracted to assholes. Her words were “the reason women go out and cheat on their men is because they are seeking emotionally what their men aren’t providing. Warmth, compassion, and kindness”.

    But this is the same dumb bitch who says shes only attracted to assholes. So she just makes up some shit to justify cheating on her husband(who is UGLY as a mother fucker at that). It seems that men are damned if they do(treat their women right, and with respect)and damned if they don’t(treat their women like shit, then they get cheated on with their wifes nice guy friend, whom they use for comfort). Lifes a Bitch……….and then we die

  8. Joey ⋅

    This is not a case of issues with just Egyptian Girls! It is more universal then you may think. Sure there are certain cultures where it is customary and always have been that the woman are of lesser value. For instance like cultures where woman can’t even show there faces and have to wear face covering veils but even they in many aspects feel degraded. In the US it is by far a common practice for woman to accept and be treated poorly by assholes. It SUCKS and causes the Nice guys to ALWAYS come in last or not at all!

    To all woman, you are worthy of more then you accept. You should be treated with respect and nothing less. . .

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