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Music Matbakh : Music Unleashed

I’ve just came from Music Matbakh’s concert at bibAlex
i went not knowing what to expect ,but i wasn’t disappointed at all .
for a start Music Matbakh is a Mega band with artist from across the Middle East and England .

you can find all the details about them from there official site .

here is a clip from there Gordan concert, they play almost all kinds of Music so make sure to see the ENTIRE VIDEO .

does anyone know how to Embed ikbis videos in ??

They concert in bibalex had only Arab musicians with no English ones ,but it was GREAT .

the best kind of music i’ve ever heard in a long time .

the only bad thing that the audience were very little about 300 or so ,but this is due to lack of publicity made about the concert.

i’ve only heard about the concert through Facebook .

any way if you have the chance to attend any of there concerts DO NOT MISS IT , IT’S MORE THAN AWESOME .


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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

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