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Happy birthday for me


I’m 22
And i have no idea what I’m supposed to do !


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

10 responses to “Happy birthday for me

  1. gjoe

    Yalla 7alan balan balan 7ayooh abou el fasaad!
    Haykoon 3eed meladoh elleelaah as3ad el a3yaad!

    falya7ya abou el fasad! heeeeeeeeeeh

    P.s: kont badye2 awy mel o3’nya deh zaman..makontesh bafham menha wala kelma 😀

  2. Jasim ⋅

    Happy birthday. 🙂

    All you have to do is wait until you’re 23, and then you’re going to ask the same question again. 😀

  3. insomniac

    happy birthday… i would advise you, only i am turnig 27 soon and i am not sure what i should be doig either!!

    wishing u the best 🙂

  4. Xero

    Thank you all of the wishes 😀

    J-J: i love singing it to ppl not the other way around 😛

    Jasim: hehe i’ve already been asking it for the last 3 years 🙂 .

    Insomniac: 😀 i’m not planning to stay like that for another 5 years ,if i still don’t know what to do by then , I’ll just go and do everything that i haven’t done before 😀 .
    i guess this is a good way after all .

  5. gjoe

    You are Tagged!

  6. Xero

    Belated thank you 🙂

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