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in 3 years if blogging i only got tagged twice one by dear Bluelue and the other (this one) by Gjoe …. thanks a lot girls lol .

The Rules that most of you already know

  • Post 10 random things about yourself
  • Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
  • Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
  • You can’t tag the person who tagged you (you’ll have to make new friends)
  • As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted so they can have the sheer delight and extra work load of reading your answers)

here it goes :

  1. I eat tremendous amounts of food .. more than you can possibly think .

  2. i weigh 55 Kg. no matter how much i eat i never gain a single kg. , it’s a bless and a curse depends on your point of view.

  3. i always walk on the right extreme edge of the side way . no matter how big , crowded/empty it is ,I’m always on the right edge (no specific reason at all ) .

  4. i like girls with dark short hair and i hate blonds .

  5. I’ve never fallen in love before.

  6. i flush (yeah i do get tomato red in embarrassing situations and i can’t help it so bare me the laughs )

  7. i don’t care much for people and yet i always complain about being lonely (or i do ,but I’m just not so good at showing it) .

  8. I never wait for the final release from a software and always try the betas ,( that’s why I’m using Ubuntu Hardy and FF3 since they came to light .

  9. I have an assholes hit list. so when the time comes , I’ll know who to whack !

  10. I’ve always had a beautiful long brown hair when i was young ,but now I’m going bold. they are gonna call me the thin bold guy .THEN . i’m gonna do some serious whacking 😛 .

Tagging : insomniac, Jade, charafantah , Embee and Bongo .

Why : i like their blogs , what else did you think ?!


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

13 responses to “Tagged

  1. gjoe

    El 3afow ya Zero..:)
    I think maintaining the same weight no matter what you eat is a bless by all means!! Mafeesh perspective 3’eer ennaha it’s a bless! (envious look).Mat7awelsh.

    4: You are an exception to a natural phenomena! lol

    7: I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  2. insomniac

    Thanks for the tag… however, i already did it and tagged D, who tagged Bluelue and gejoe 😀

    it’s there:

    oh, and i tagged embee and she tagged jade!!

    and man, i would love to keep my weight unchanged (on the thin side).. i would save lotsa money!!

    and guys who blush are so cute 🙂 don’t hate me for saying that, hehe

  3. Xero

    GeJo : hmm let me see . i can eat whatever i want with no restrictions and never worry about gaining those extra kgs ..
    no it’s not a bless ( 😛 ). it’s a super one lol

    yeah i totally hate blonds (no offense girls) ,but i think it’s bloated over used thing . some thing like Windows Vista .
    some ppl likes it ,but those who really know the difference hate it 😛 .

    Insomniac: ok .. let me get this straight ..
    you got tagged before then you tagged Bluelue , Embee and Gjoe who tagged me after that i tagged you ,charafantah , jade and bongo .
    BUT jade was already tagged by Embee which you already tagged ,but since Jade doesn’t do tages (sounds like a bad word) so it doesn’t make a difference anyway .
    AND Bongo is not alone they are twins (whatever this means) .

    that leaves poor Charafantah alone in the dark lol .. poor guy .
    (2a2ta3 dera3y men la3’lo3’o en kot fahem 7aga )

    and guys who blush are so cute 🙂 don’t hate me for saying that, hehe

    u couldn’t just let it go 🙂 (blushing is so NOT cool for a guy actually )

  4. charafantah ⋅

    So…that means it’s only me who has to do a tag, eh? 🙂
    well, i done it already, first time

    thx man 🙂

  5. sseeiiff ⋅

    hello man you have been tagged 🙂

  6. embee

    Well, that tag doesn’t apply to me I guess after all, but thanks for the link on the CoD post 😉

    And while reading your post, “I flush”, for a split second, sounded like you were going about your toilet habits & rituals 😛

    FF3 is worth it btw ? I get horrible mess ups with flash & compiz fusion. Youtube is a dangerous territory for me now..

  7. Xero

    well ,go ahead if you don’t mind doing it all again 🙂

    hehehehehe … my mistake .
    honesty, i didn’t know the difference between flushing and blushing 😀 plus those habits and rituals can’t be described in written words 😛 .

    I’m the one who should be thanking you for the video itself 🙂

    FF3 is working great with me ,but it has some minor problems with some Arabic sites like Teet radio since it displays the letters inversed (Opera did that too in pre 9.0 releases ) ,but i think it’ll be fixed in the final release .
    flash works fine with compiz-fusion and the new Gnome 2.22 Metacity compositing ,give it a try .

  8. embee

    Oh cool. Guess I’m gonna wait up for 8.04 & do a fresh install when I get the cd. I’ve been meaning to use lilo instead of grub for a while now. Should work better I guess.

    Another 10 random things about me would be a too much for a single month. Maybe 3ala June 2010 keda 😛

  9. Xero

    Lilo ?? man ,is it still around ? last time i used it was in Mandrake 8.2
    Lilo was always hard for me to play with (complex configuration) while grub seems just fine (uglier but easier) .

    in June 2010 you won’t have the same 10 random things you have now ,better write them now then read and laugh in 2010 😛

  10. Bongo

    “AND Bongo is not alone they are twins (whatever this means)”

    what do you mean by ” whatever this means ” ??

    it means what it sounds , what else should it mean ?!

  11. Xero

    😀 well nothing bad actually .
    i meant that i don’t know whether i should tag both of you or you alone 🙂 .
    ‘whatever this means’ i was referring to the effect of you being twins on my tag forwarding and since i’ve no idea what it is ,so i said ‘whatever that means’… that’s all 🙂
    i hope that i’ve cleared this simple misunderstanding 😀
    now it’s your turn to do the tag since you didn’t so it already 😛

  12. Jade

    Yallah… Come on over 🙂

  13. Bongo

    it’s o.k. , n sorry 4 the mis-thinking 😀
    we’ll be answering the tag right away

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