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My Ubuntu Linux Desktop : Screenshots

  • screenshots of my Ubuntu Linux system ( click on the pics to Enlarge)

Ubuntu Desktop

empty desktop : AWN (Dock), Screenlets (sidebar)

Firefox 3 beta 5 showing my ‘state of art’ blog states 😀

Listen Music player shows songs lyrics as they are played


playing a movie with Arabic subtitle displayed with a nice font

Editing a picture with Adobe Photoshop running like charm via Wine

Playing Video via Miro



About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

19 responses to “My Ubuntu Linux Desktop : Screenshots

  1. gjoe

    Ya 7alawa ya Welaaaaad!! (clapping hands)

    P.S: ana 3ayza menndah ya 7ozombol ana 3ayza mendaah!

  2. za3tar

    Nice … they look cool.
    btw, what is the that Gmail notifier that you are using ?

  3. Bongo

    Wow looks gr8 ..
    I’m thinking seriously to change now 😀

    btw , I’ve answered the tag 🙂 thnx .

  4. Xero

    GeJo: lol , simple . just download it
    or ask 7ozombol and he’ll get it for ya le3’ayet bab el BEET
    for FREE at .

    za3tar : i’m using the default one that comes with Screenlets.

    Bongo : i hope that you do 😀 .

    finally , gr8 🙂

  5. cesario

    Linux–> my big fat computer complex. I tried to install it so many times in so many different versions and I always failed or destroyed my computer’s basic software.
    It seems nice though.

  6. charafantah ⋅

    man! Open Source rule 🙂
    Though i prefer using Kubuntu…i’ve been using KDE for 7 years now, can’t change 🙂

    Also, i prefer Amarok, it’s amazing what it can do 🙂

    btw, what resolution you’re using?

  7. Xero

    Cesario: why is that ?? it’s even easier than windows to install .
    the new version of ubuntu will give you the option to install it from inside windows ,should be pretty easy .

    Charafantah : hehe , i started with KDE also in Mandrake 8.2 ,but i converted to Gnome after my switch to ubuntu .
    I think i’ll revert back to KDE when 4.1 comes out with Amarok 2 🙂

    i use 1024×768 that’s all my good old 14” Hansol 401A is capable of 😀

  8. Mohammed Adel ⋅

    Hi , Ur Desktop is really gr8 ya man ,sorry i have alot of questionz , eh al program ele enta mesha3’al feh this movie , and how the arabic subtitle work on it ? , How utorrent work under ubuntu ?! , Last i try screenlet and it doesn’t work u have any ifo about that ?! .
    P.S: iam runin ubuntu 8.04 Desktop , TnX Anyway 😀 !

  9. embee

    Heya.. Finally watched Pan’s Labyrinth. One helluva movie. I kept remembering your recommendation until I finally went for it 🙂

    BTW iwl3945 on 8.04 won’t work at my end. I’m stranded w/o wifi 😦 I went & bought a 35m long cable.. I haven’t been wired for years now 😦 Wish me luck with a once-and-for-all fix please!

  10. embee

    Hm.. Sorry for the double post, but I need to ask something. I can see the twhirl launcher on your desktop. Did that work for you? Kept messing up at my end with the notifications. I tried out Spaz & Twibble and finally settled for the latter. Anything but the horrid web interface!

  11. Xero

    @Embee: I’m sorry ,but I’m no the one who recommended the movie for ya .. is it that good ? 😀

    for the wifi thing , it’s a common problem with the latest Kernel 2.6.24-7 i think ,try booting the previous kernel or downgrading it until the updates roll out .

    for twhirl : it worked fine with me until it decided to randomly closes , so i quite all Air apps 🙂 until at least a beta comes out .
    i just use Twitux ,it’s a GTK native applications (exists in Ubuntu repos)

  12. embee

    Seriously not you ? It was a Zero on a friend’s blog. I assumed it was you :$ V. sorry.. For someone who doesn’t like sci-fi or fantasy flicks, this one was really good.

    Twitux sayye2 giddan yabni. Leh keda? The thing I hated the most about it is that it shows user names not screen names, so you can’t really reply to the name there.. Not practical..

    I’m fiddling with several howto’s 3ala amal that one of ’em works out ..

  13. Xero

    🙂 nope , i only use the names Xero with a ‘X’ or ‘Zeroeffect’ when using OpenID .
    if it’s good for ya then i’ll give it a try ,i’m already a sci-fi fan.
    Actually i use Twitux only to view things i’ve missed .
    my primary tool for getting notifications is using my Gtalk account i receive it much faster than normal tools .
    I have Gtalk configured with Pidgin so i’m almost online all the time

  14. angel ⋅

    i converted mine to ubuntu how do i get it to look like that

  15. Xero

    you can choose clear looks as your theme then tweak it’s colors and use the apps under the pics

  16. NIce Desktop bro!

    question and i hope u don’t mind, !

    what kind of icons R u using the are fly!

  17. Xero

    sorry dude ,but i didn’t get your question .
    if you are asking about my icon pack it’s Mac4lin google it and you’ll find it easily

  18. i think i used them before, but for some reason , they didn’t look as good, there were few of the icons that didn’t appear!

    thanks !

    do u mind if add u to my blog roll, and hopefully u add my to yours!

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