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Success, Hapiness and Sadness


I PASSED my first term exams πŸ˜€ ,just got my results this morning .

I was happy then ,very happy… success has the sweetest taste ever .

i didn’t expect to pass ,but i did .

i feel relieved ,very relieved .

but, by the end of the day the normal sadness returned .


  • I thought a lot about the reasons why I’m always sad and i came up with those :
  1. I have no big target in my life ,at all .
    • I don’t know what i want or what i should be doing .
    • i hate my studying field ,although it’s not bad and has a great future ,but i just don’t like it .
    • I lost all my old plans for future and can’t come up with new stuff .
  2. No female presence .
    • yope ,that’s right.. i don’t have a girlfriend and never had .. why?
    • simply because I have this thing about not being able to do useless stuff .
    • stuff that i can see clearly that it won’t work due to practical reasons and will cause a huge amount of pain to end .
    • also that I think that human emotions are something very dangerous to play with or take lightly.
    • yet again how do I know that if I’ve never tried ?
    • this also causing me a really bad case of loneliness that I’m unable to escape.
  3. Low self-confidence
    • my self-confidence is slightly shaken by past experiences and I have no idea how to restore it.
  4. other than those stuff my life is almost perfect ,I’ve no BIG BIG problems … nothing
  5. yes … nothing …. nothing is the problem itself .. a huge pile of nothing in both my heart and mind .


Photo by Paul Armstrong

one thing always made me feel good : singing as loud as i can in my car while driving ..ppl think i’m nuts πŸ˜€


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

9 responses to “Success, Hapiness and Sadness

  1. cesario

    and as for the second part, I think this depression and sadness thing is very very common in our generation and takes a LOT of effort to actually feel NORMAL again. I know it took me a year or so after college to actually start functioning as a human being. As for happiness, maybe it’s an illusion. To tell the truth, I’ve learned that satisfaction is way more important than happiness, because it can last for a long time, it doesn’t take much effort and it gives you a sense of calamity that really feels good.

    I agree with numbers 1,3,4,5…>most of us feel this way and don’t worry almost always no one works in their major. It’s just a fact of life here in Egypt.

  2. gjoe

    I know about success and how it feels..
    it’s one of the gifts in life indeed πŸ™‚
    mabrook ya xero πŸ™‚ (bass eh el gam3a elly bettala3 el nateega abl el finals be kam yoom deh..reminds me of my sister’s college)

    As for the sadness part, I wont dwell on that much, because as long as “nothing” is really wrong..then we are only sad as deep as we let ourselves be..

    i’ll focus on the happy part: Mabroook:)

  3. Bongo

    well , first CONGRATULATIONS !! πŸ˜€
    success is really a gr8 feeling , hope u are always a successful person in ur life πŸ™‚

    secondly , concerning the sad part ,
    i just wanna tell u that no. 1 can be easily solved , now since you’ve seen it , you can solve it as well , sit by ur self and set a target 4 ur life ,
    4 example , ur target is to reach paradise ..
    all things in life will make sense if you think it this way ..

    concerning no. 2 ,
    you don’t always need the female presence in your life to feel happy ,
    you can’t relate your happiness with the presence of one ,
    you must be capable of being happy without any ..
    coz it will turn out to be a lame excuse for your permenant sadness !

    ” yope ,that’s right.. i don’t have a girlfriend and never had .. why? ”
    Allow me to answer this WHY !
    the answer is more simple than u think
    may be it’s because god loves you , and doesn’t want u to feel hurt or to do sth that may cause you harm ..

    or may be god prepared sth bigger n very special 4 u than a mere relationship that ,may be, will cause u a temporary satisfaction ..

    u may think my words are very perfect to achieve , but u must seek perfection n then , you will feel self confident which will solve no. 3 ..

    And believe me , if u possess a strong will . everything will seem easy and reachable .

    no.4 n 5 , you should really thank god 4 not having a Big troubles in ur life .. sometimes NOTHING is better than anything that might be really bad ,,

    Sorry for the long comment ,

    Be Well

  4. Jade

    Congrats my friend!
    I am sorry though you feel this way…
    You can restore your self-confidence by doing a lot of things – most importantly – doing something you love. Which takes us to the first part – even if you are studying that is great & has a good future – if you dont love it – it’ll never give you that satisfaction that your soul needs – so to cancel both 1st & 2nd part – find something you love & do it….The list is long, do your own thinking.

    As for the matters of the heart…. reach out to girls, befriend them, dont be one of the guys that only has guy friends & girls are just aliens to him, you’re still studying which is great, dont befriend girls whom you think you’ll be interested in emotionally or physically, just normal class mates, make friends with them & from there, am sure you’ll heart will lean for one, or one’s heart will lean towards you.

    Yes, human emotions are not to be toyed with – but heartbreak is part of life – get heartbroken & fall in love again my babe… it’ll just help you identify what it is you love & dont love about the opposite sex – & what you are like as a Lover…
    Teach yourself how to be a good Lover, even if the price you pay for learning is heartbreak – believe me – it’ll be so worth it.

    I am sorry for all the advice, I dont mean to be so motherly or anything – but isnt this what we are all here for? Reaching out…. I liked this post very much & how you analyzed your feelings…
    Dont stop.

  5. Xero

    You won’t believe how many times i tried to reply your comments.
    anyway ,her it goes .

    First of all ,Thanks a lot girls:D we ed3ooly a5alas el balwa dee 3ala 5eer .

    @Cesario: you got exactly what i wanted to say .

    @GeJo: allah yebarek feeky yala 3o2bal ma ne5las ba2a men el ham da πŸ™‚
    Alex. Uni . Faculty of Engineering 7adretek πŸ˜›

    @Bongo: things are not that simple ya Bongo .
    if it’s just set a big target in your life and go for it ,then makansh 7ad 3’olob πŸ™‚ .

    you can’t relate your happiness with the presence of one ,
    you must be capable of being happy without any ..
    coz it will turn out to be a lame excuse for your permenant sadness !

    well , i’m a human being :i need people
    and that is not an excuse it’s just one cause out of many .
    i don’t want to consolate myself about anything .
    i need to deal with problems and try to solve them or work my way around’em , so the ‘may be’s and ‘what if’s won’t work for me right now .
    i need to change things .
    and i do have some ideas actually ,but this is a different post πŸ™‚ .
    happy to see you here again ya Bongo , menawara walahy πŸ˜€ .

    @Jade: finding something i love and doing it is not that simple at all !
    it may work for little things ,but i wasted my best days in life (so far) on this studying field ,i gotta do sth related to it at least .
    or even better ,may be i should learn to love it πŸ™‚ .

    as for the matters of the heart .
    actually is itself is a problem !
    we have 20 girls in the Dept. (Mechanical) out of 650 student and lets just say that most of them doesn’t exactly look like Charlize Theron .
    i don’t have a specific problem with girls , the real problem is that i don’t have the ability the improvise and just invent words out of no where. there is gotta be something to talk about and with the case in the Dept. as it is .
    it seems hopeless from this direction πŸ˜€ .

  6. nono

    passing the exam when you least expect it is such a great relieved. i know it! haha.. that’s great xero!

  7. Uh, Paul Armstrong, who says he took this “Sad” photo in Minneapolis, Minnesota at an abandoned wheat grain elevator near the University of Minnesota, says he would like to be credited when his photo is used like this. I did so when I used it in my blog, as have a few other people.

  8. Xero

    Thank you , i was searching for the author’s name for a while now πŸ™‚

  9. lee

    its a fact that one cannot be sad and happy at the same time.
    Therefore you have two options, make those your primary goal,do not be a little happy or a little sad,convince yourself its like being a little pregnant.
    Choose the one thing you like about yourself,most guys love their hair………take some time to think about this,and cut it into either and old fashioned style or cut it all off,this allows you not to rely purely on what you think is your best asset.Now go out ,see you your friends,approach the girls you’re intereseted in,take the jibes,take the pain and understand how it feels.
    Now look at your self afresh,you have now learnt how to be humble by your own hand,you have learnt how to listen to the pain.
    Visualize what you most want.I can tell you from expereience to fall into the trap of compition with either rich more good looking etc guys is a waste of time.
    To be sucessfull with women,and I speak from expereience,you need just one thing,love youurself and learn to be ultra polite,take time to learn this and use it continuiously,train your self in this mission.
    Finaly there is no cause,religion or reason other than you and yourself.
    good luck

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