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in the movie theatre

i’m in the cinema right now watching indiana jones literaly alone… it feels funny 🙂


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

5 responses to “in the movie theatre

  1. gjoe

    Dude, blogging while in the movies are like signs of addiction 🙂

    Been There!

  2. cesario

    God, this movie sucked big time. Effects are cool, acting is really bad and the whole plot is just laughable.
    Going to the movies alone is a blessing 🙂

  3. Xero

    Gego : heh i think i’ve passed the addiction thing long ago.
    ana fee fatrat el daya3 lol

    Cesario: hehe was there a plot ?? how did i missed that 😛
    well then i’m really blessed , i’ve been there alone for the last 40 movies 😀

  4. Xero

    ps: in the post when i said ‘alone’ i meant in the entire hall i was watching the movie with no other audience but me !

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