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I know i didn’t write anything in the last period ,but it’s never too late.

lets start from the beginning :


the last day there I had 2 exams in a row , Metallurgy and Mechanical design .

lets just say that i spent the first hour in my second 3 hours of examination trying to figure out what the heck did this guy meant by all the stuff in the exam !!

i constantly flipped the paper just to make sure that it was a Mechanical design and it was actually mine .

by the time i realized that it’s actually mine , I started laughing for another 1/2 h then left the exam and went home to get some sleeping (bottom line : i sucked BIG TIME )

but, i’m done and that’s what counts … for now .

– So you think you are done?

The problem that i was the first one in my friends to finish exams , that left me with a whole week of totally nothing to do and totally no one to hang up with , at all .

when they finished though the situation didn’t get any prettier every one had stuff to do , it seems that i’m the only one who have absolutely nothing to do , either that or i finish my stuff really fast that i get a lot of free time .

-You bet your A** I’m .

so I had to come up with a way to have fun all by myself , hmmm


watched Indiana Jones , Iron man , Chronicles of Narnia , going to Kabareeh tomorrow .


yope that’s right , I go to the pool alone ,and you know what : IT’S COOL , once you know the trick 😀 .

you see , to have fun you need ppl , so bring ppl or bring stuff that makes ppl come to you

(ie. Cards, Uno, dominoes or anything ppl might want to do ) u’ll socialize well and spend your day with company that you never expected .


One of my best friends think i’m not good enough to sit with his other friends . hmm well if that’s what u think dude , I DON’T GIVE A DAMN .

I don’t give a damn about your dudes or any body else BTW .

it’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way : Do NOT let any body break your mood for whatever reason , all in all : IT’S THERE LOSE NOT MINE

god i love this phrase ,I think i’ll have it printed on every T-shirt I have .

Bas kefaya keda el marra dee ..


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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

4 responses to “Updates

  1. gjoe

    mafeesh 7aga 3assabtny men el post dah add mawdoo3 “your best friend” dah!I think you should re-consider mawdoo3 best-friend aslan (ana gayya ahhady el nefoos)

    bass 3ala el 3omoom Yeaaaaay! EXAMS ARE OVER..Congrats moqqadaman w have fun! (ah sa7ee7, 7elow indiana jones walla la2?)

  2. Jade

    Hey hey! Look who’s back!
    Congrats on the exams – hope all goes well with the grades
    Great that you going out & socializing…
    Screw the best friend – definately doesnt sound like one to me…

  3. Xero

    GeGo : hmmm best friends are normally cool ,specially if there is a few in the first place .
    yope done done done 😀 … the movie has some cool effects and is good for wasting time ,but if you want a really good movie ,this isn’t it.

    Jade: hehehe who said anything about grades, is this word still in the dictionary ?? 😛
    I always go out and socialize ,that’s not the problem .
    the problem is that SOMETIMES even when i go out and socialize , I still feel bored-bad with no joy at all .

    hehehe no he is really a good friend and he must have some kind of point in his head .
    the real point is that I don’t have the slightest bit of curiosity to know it . I DO NOT CARE .
    like i said , it’s there lose .
    BTW, have i told that i really like the name (Jade) for no reason actually .. I just like it .

  4. nono

    yea, go and watch something. but you should watch Kung Fu Panda… or you should watch something that can make you laugh hehehe

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