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yope that’s right , let me clear it a little .

I’m MeMo

I started blogging exactly 3 years ago in Sept. 2005 in here and here then i moved to my own domain ,but after i closed it blog the domain expired and made a backup here .

Now the real question is Why ?

the first 3 were simply upgrades , I didn’t like blogger much so I moved to WordPress (blogsome) as soon as I could then i got my own domain which is better .

The problem came later after many of my close circle of people (friends, family, relatives … etc) knew about the blog and started reading it limiting my freedom in posting to an extent that the blog became useless to me as a free mental zone .

So i simply closed it and since I’m a blogging Addict, I returned in a new place with a new Identity .

Yet again why did I choose to say it now ?

well for a few reasons actually :

1- no body in my close circle now about this blog except one or two .

2- I actually stopped caring about what ppl think , if somebody have a problem with me then he should SMASH HIS BRAINLESS HEAD against the wall .

3- technicality, having multiple accounts of every service just sucks , I need my FB, Flickr,  and Delicious accounts .

Now, some might say why the hell should I care if you changed your freakin nick dude ?

well , as a matter of fact you shouldn’t at all 🙂 .


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

3 responses to “Announcement

  1. n

    nice new name for the page 🙂

  2. MeMo

    🙂 eah da Daisy 3andena ya mar7aba ya mar7aba 😀

  3. nono

    hahahhahahahahhahah… LOL! but i dont understand your arabic blog(s). i wana add you to my fb.. may i? LOL

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