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The Longest day

skoda Octavia tour

7:00 am : heading with my dad to Damietta to take care of some business there.

7:30 am  : my father decides to get behind the wheels .

8:00 am : my father hits a pick up car stopped at a police ambush .

8:02 am : me standing in disbelief looking at my destroyed car .

9:00 am : both my dad and the pick up driver agree on NOT letting the dirty cop blackmail them and solve the thing between’em .

9:30 am : my dad continues his way to Damietta leaving my standing on the International coastal road with a destroyed car and a mobile phone .

10:00 am : succeeded in getting a phone number of a company to send me a something to trail my car back to Alex .

11:30 am : after an hour and half of waiting, the car shows up .

2:00 pm : standing in front of Skoda certified repairing shop on the 27k desert road .

2:00 pm : the driver asked for 500 LE  which i payed er regl ahly fo2 ra2abty .

2:30 pm : the Engineer is inspecting my car and assessing the damage.

3:30 pm : he is still doing that .

4:30 pm : still there .

5:30 pm : me shouting at ppl there to get stuff done .

6:00 pm: being told that fixing my car will cost roughly 20,000 LE :S .

6:15 pm : gathered all my personal stuff from the car and headed home .

7:30 pm : a VERY cold shower and a nice breakfast .

8:00 pm : can’t sleep at all

8:05 pm : calling a friend and getting out .

8:30 pm : setting in EL Togareya having a nice 7agar shisha and 3ennab .

9:15 pm : they are heading to a nearby bar .

9:30 pm : my first glass of White wine .

11:00 pm : my fourth glass of white wine 🙂 .

11:02 pm : don’t recall being this fluent or hmmmm .. natural in my entire life .

12:00 pm : walking home .. I seem to have some stability problems .

12:30 pm : the damn bed won’t stop moving 😀 .

12:31 pm : ——————————- (sleeping)


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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

2 responses to “The Longest day

  1. blue

    OUCH !!
    that sounds like a really rough day ! It hurts when my car gets hurt and would make me crazy if I wasn’t the one who caused it.

    You didn’t mention anything about shouting at ur dad or even giving him the look ! or at least making him pay 🙂

    Ma3lesh ,, !! Don’t ever let a soul jumps in ur car !! NO WAY 🙂
    White wine is not a summer drink .. You should have had cold beer or something .. :))

  2. MeMo

    it sucked really 😦 ..

    well theoretically ,it’s not my car it’s his .
    but since he couldn’t drive before for about 5 monthes since we got the car ,I considered t mine .
    But now he got his license and wanted to try driving (on 130 Km/h) ,so he simply crashed it and he is (automatically) is the one paying for it .

    well ,I really don’t know about that , when I said the first glass of white wine , I meant the first drink ever 😀 .
    and i hate beer, hate it, hate it, hate it.

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