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good news at last

  1. I got my car back looking better than ever 😀 yope Samantha is ready to kick some ass 😀
  2. I PASSED 😀 yope ,that’s right I have a few months left to leave this damn state of being a student .
  3. there is a probability of me going to Marina with friends in just a few hours.

About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

One response to “good news at last

  1. charafantah ⋅

    تهنئة حارة من بابا جدو و طنط فضيلة بالمنصورة و خالو مدحت و تيتة نانى بشبرا و أسعد الأمنيات بالنجاح الباهر و الحصول على الشهادة الكبيرة مقاس XXL

    Mabrouk 🙂

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