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I have a very strong feeling of guilt .

The real problem is that I can’t figure out where did I go wrong :S


About MeMo

I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

4 responses to “Guilt

  1. mab3oos

    I know what you did, or actually didn’t do. You didn’t post the Fawazeer logo.

    Fawazeer @ mab3oos

  2. Jade

    Oh no…
    Not with the start of Ramadan – come on babe! Lighten up – change that picture… feel & rejoice – IT’S RAMADAN!

  3. Vile

    Are you hiding your Guilt behind your lack of knowledge?
    nice pic…..
    I’m mechanical too btw.

  4. MeMo

    @Ma3boos : 7amra ha3 ha3 ha3

    @Jade: Yope , It was a strange feeling and it passed thank god.

    @Vile: excuse me ? hiding what ?
    I have no problem with guilt , I hust didn’t know why I was getting the feeling ? eza 3oref el sabab bato el 3agab ya bashmohandes

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