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The Morning drive

I went the other day to give my dad a ride to his work right after dawn and I didn’t feel like heading home after it ,so I took of on a shooting campaign from 6am to 9am:D and got whatever I could out of those charming hours of the morning .

Here is what I got ,I need to know what you think people .

camera : Canon Powershot A710IS .

note : click on the pics to be redirected to the main Flickr page and view full size images

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2

stanley bridge2


stanley bridge 5

stanley 3



Bibliotheca Alexandrina 3


Bibliotheca Alexandrina 5

MEMo 159.jpg

MEMo 137.jpg

MEMo 113.jpg

a fly

MEMo 127.jpg

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 10


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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

13 responses to “The Morning drive

  1. D ⋅

    Those are some really cool shots of Alex! I particularly love the one with Stanley bridge and silhouetted light poles! Good job. 🙂

  2. jessyz

    Yaaaah, 3amar ya Eskenderya. I am already nostalgic as it is, but these are some super shots, I love the second one the best with Stanley bridge from inside the tunnel. Great work!

  3. gjjoe

    Really amazing photos!!

    Those are the best I’ve seen in a while of Alex. A Close-up of Alexandria.

    This post is all over google reader btw!

  4. insomniac

    the horse, is it a mohamed ali statue??

  5. MeMo

    Thank you all , ya raf3een ma3naweyaty 😀

    @ Jessyz: it’s not a tunnel , it’s the other tower at the other end of the bridge 🙂

    @GEJO : what do you mean all over Greader ?

    @Insomniac : howa be3eno 😀

  6. haijekov

    great work man!!!
    2 & 9 are brilliantly done

    cheers 🙂


  7. gjjoe

    Ya3ny many bloggers are sharing it 😀

  8. jessyz

    tab mana 3arfa eno mesh tunnel awi bas ma3reftesh asamih eh, ana sa7ee7 fel 3’orba bas eskandaraneya meya meya

  9. MeMo

    @GEjo: thanks good , I guess.

    @Jessyz: Agada3 na3 😀 .

  10. MeMo

    @kov : thanks dude , glade you liked it

  11. Lobna

    Lovely work, you are a real artist by the way

  12. MeMo

    thank ya Lobna , no wallahy i’m just an amateur lesa

  13. Francesco Di Natale ⋅

    Super amazing ❤ !

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