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NOSTALGIA (childhood songs :D )

OMG I was literally raised hearing this songs every single day 😀 

hearing this now brings up a lot of beautiful memories 🙂 

كااان فى فراشه صغنطته 😦 

ذهب الليل

كوكو واواوووو 

كاكى كاااك – عبد المنعم مدبولى 

جدو على 

فولا فولا 

هم النم يا رووووحى ياللا جايبالك مم 😀  

أنا أنا أبريق الشااااى 

الجوووز الخييييل 

 أبو الفصاااد 😀

خشب فى خشب 

دبدوبه التخيينه 😀

الشاطر عمرو 🙂



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I'm a 22 Egyptian male who has just fed up with every thing around him and seeking change

3 responses to “NOSTALGIA (childhood songs :D )

  1. Deee ⋅

    Yaaaaaaah!! I would really like to dedicate the song: As7abi w sa7baati hena w m7allak serr (beta3et safaa abul elsoud w forshet elsenaan el3emlaqa) to you, since it wasn’t part of your up-bringing and 7elwa ya Zouba (I actually still listen to that one tilll this very day). Anyway, that was a very sweet post.. will forward it to my niece! 🙂

  2. I could not stop singing the “khashab” song all day long, I even put the lyrics as my FB status !! Gr88 collection of songs… My fav one is Abree2 el shai :))

  3. MeMo

    @Deee: It waaaaas 😀 ,I just couldn’t find it on youtube lol

    Dr.Invi : my fav is kan fee farasha so3’anana 😦 .. always made me cry when i was a kid 😀

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