Symphony of .. GUNS

this is just brilliant.. too damn brilliant .

COD4 sounds

Battlefield 2 Sounds

Found at Embee’s corner  


Egypt Under Attack

it’s a game .
The games is called CALL OF DUTY 4 : MODERN WAREFARE
it’s supposed to take place in KSA and Azerbaijan. where American USMC and British SAS forces fight the Russian Ultra nationalists Spetsnaz and the Middle eastern Rebels OpFor.
in single player you play with either SAS or USMC and supposed to kill people who speak Arabic and look like your country’s army .
in multiplayer however you get to kill SAS and USMC , but with people who still speak Arabic ,but don’t look like soldiers at all .
the problem is that 90% of the game scenes are took from Egypt in a way that made me VERY uncomfortable playing the game , but hey i get to kill the assholes with guns in MP too 😀 .

here is some pics (click to enlarge)
Autostrad and Downtown sign
Prepaid phone card
Cabinet el Nile – a7a ya3ni
ayan kan lel seya7a
now after seeing the pics i have something to this game producers who made my country a war scene where anglo-fucken-saxons get to kill the natives .