Why do i always revert back to Ubuntu ?

Every time i try a new distro i find my self reverting back to Ubuntu soon after i install it .
first one was back when Mandriva 2007 spring was released after installing it, i thought i was in linux heaven and all my dreams came true but all this faded when i tried to update my system and my Xorg configuration got missed up and it just wouldn’t start although i didn’t use any external repos i was just using the official update repo .
second time was just yesterday after installing openSUSE 10.3 Gnome cd and to be honest it’s one of the best Linux systems i’ve ever seen .


t he installation was smooth , the package management was greatly enhanced and every thing was perfect until i updated my system the Banshee refused to start telling me to reinstall it .. so i removed it and tried to reinstall it and boom .. their was a conflict in the Gstreamer packages that Zypper failed miserably to solve .

so i just installed Smart and god bless the ppl behind this piece of software it’s totally smart .. there were 2 packages that needed to be downgraded in order to reinstall banshee again that what Zypper failed in doing .

so i let Smart do the job and reinstalled Banshee ..

next i installed Azureus and it was the latest 3.0 series ,but when starting it just gave me an error message of a program crash and it just didn’t open .. i tried to reinstall but it was no use .

i thought since Azureus wasn’t working then i’ll switch to Deluge .. it also didn’t start ..
by then i was really disappointed and wasn’t able to continue with all this problems at one time so i switched of the pc and went to sleep .
this morning i started openSUSE hoping to solve my problems and start working .
yet i met another problem .. this one can’t be over looked .
my network card stopped working and i had no internet connection.
i tried every thing i could and every solution i could think of to the issue but all was in vain.
this is where i had enough.
i know a lot of you might say that this problems are trivial or have simple solutions , but i’m not supposed to run in such problems in the final release that’s why there are betas and RCs .
i mainly revert to Ubuntu because this stuff just doesn’t happen .
you can never break your system by updating from th official repo.
and devices doesn’t just stop working out of no where ..
this stuff just doesn’t happen with Ubuntu.