About me

screaming man

so you wanna know more about me .. hmm

First of all ,welcome to my free zone .. this is where i say it all with no barriers or limits away from community hypocrisy.

I’m an Egyptian Muslim Middle Eastern Liberal “NON-TERRORIST, for you prejudicial assholes ” lonely guy who loves open source software , walking alone on the Mediterranean shore and studies mechanical Engineering which he hates ..

simply trying to find out who i’m and what i want ?..

this sums it all i guess

Place : Alexandria , Egypt

Age : 24


18 responses to “About me

  1. Janna ⋅

    I was googling “crying” for a project and it brought me to that picture you have. i was interested and so i read all you captions by your pictures. i cannot tell you how amazing it is to me how…how you wrote everything that i feel everyday. i’m not kidding. i am always the alternative because i’m funny and people like to have a good laugh…but than they get tired of laughing and leave me. and to me there is NOTHING wrong with crying. crying frees the soul. there is nothing better than crying in the shower. and with understanding, i have yet to find someone who understands all my warped thoughts and opinions on everything. suicide, hate, love, running away. i am one person in this messed up world that has felt truly lonely. there is nothing worse than that feeling. so i say feel free to cry because sometimes there is not other release. you say that your laughter is dying inside. i’m there as well. of course i will never lose my laughter and smile completely but i feel dead inside some days. i walk around doing all that i need to in silence, like a robot with no comprehension of the world around her because in truth, i don’t want to think about this world and my life. it’s so hard sometimes that when people give me hugs i just don’t feel it. i don’t feel anymore. i guess that’s what happens when you’ve been hurts and lonely so many times and for so long. this is odd maybe for you because i’m practically bearing my soul but when i read what you wrote about loyalty and crying and everything else…i don’t know i can’t explaine it because for once i feel that i am not alone in all that i feel and think in my messes up self. thank you for writing all of that. it gave me strength.

  2. Xero

    😀 google some how puts my blog as a first result in image searching for “crying” i guess i used google long enough for it to understand me lol .
    a friend of mine told me the other day that i think too much about myself and the world and i don’t just let it go ..
    i guess this is somehow true ,but i can’t help it neither can you ,it’s something that we feel and unable to ignore anymore.
    we avoid when we are around ppl ,but once we are alone it just appears out of no where .
    crying for me gets things worse ,although sometimes i really need to cry or else i’ll just explode .
    you and me, we both need some sort of hmm .. human tough in our lifes .
    to feel desired and needed not just a funny girl or nice guy .
    i’m glade my words were able to help somebody somewhere .. hope someone will do the same for me .

  3. Shenille ⋅

    hey i was googling ‘crying’ i was feeling really blue about some stuff that my best friend told me about…you see i love to draw and express myself like that…i planned on drawing something sad…to just get it out of the way..i came across your site and i must say that your approach in letting everyone know how you feel is really really cool to me. thanks for the kool pic i really like it. and just adding i think it takes a real man to cry…so just let the emotions out…you’ll feell great after…trust me…who cares what people think?

  4. Xero

    😀 galde i helped and glad you liked the pic although “it’s NOT MINE and i don’t remember where did i get it from sadly i hope the original author isn’t mad of me :D”

    having a way to express yourself is always a great idea, since i can’t sing draw or create any kind of art so i just write .

    well.. nobody cares about what people think until you really want them to care about you .
    every one needs to feel his importance to the people around him every now and then

  5. nono

    heya! salam.. nice blog you have.. =)

  6. Xero

    thank you Nono .. hope t see u around more 🙂

  7. Bongo

    y the comments on the blog are closed ???

  8. Xero

    they aren’t ya Bongo walahy .. all the comment forms are working fine .. .

  9. ad sabry

    i really liked the description of the blog,ur definition to courage
    is really good & ur blog too.

  10. Xero

    Tanks a lot AD , glade you liked it 🙂 .

  11. Life is not about finding yourself
    Life is about creating yourself

    “George Bernard Shaw”

  12. nono

    hahaha.. i am here again! thank god you visit my blog! i forgot ur url…. im goin to link you! =D

  13. Xero

    Egyptiana : that requires you to know what you want yourself to be like in the first place ,hence you have to find it first lol

    Nono : thanks for the link 🙂

  14. Just passing by and I’d like to say hi to you.. 🙂

  15. zkairos

    nice blog. you remind of myself sometimes…

    Try this link: http://similarminds.com/jung.html

    It’s a really cool personality test. It will change your world 😉

    Tell me your results, I’m guessing your an INFP …

  16. Ahmed Hussein ⋅

    hi there, i love ur movie and i appreciate the effort behind it, who did the animation? it’s great, i love the lighting and the edit :))

  17. RORO ⋅

    memo 7ayaty found u bl9odfa lol i liked it keep it up

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