everybody’s Alternative

Alternative duality

I do have a lot of friends with all kinds of personalities ,but i don’t know why i always get the feeling that i’m everybody’s second choice or alternative that they turn out to ,just when they have no one else.
Although i don’t really care or think about this a lot ,but deep down i’ve always known it and it HURTS LIKE HELL .


keeping the faith

i’ve just finished watching keeping the faith movie ..
i watched it because i like Edward Norton and Jenna Elfman really looked cute in this movie – i like short hair girls 🙂
after watching it …it makes me wonder .. is it that hard to get friends who truly understand you?
there is an old Arab saying that “there is 3 impossible things ,the phoenix , the boggy man and a loyal friend”


the problem for me is not about loyalty as it’s about understanding .
if no one around me is capable of understanding how I think or feel then what’s the point of having him/her as a friend in the first place.
if i can’t express my feelings to anyone or just have fun then i’m all alone … god it sucks .
having a lot of people around me is something i’m used to ,but lake of understanding eventually leads to silence and lake of effect which is the biggest problem.
some people effects you the moment you see them and some other people which you see every day , but there existence doesn’t make any difference in your life or even your day , that’s because of many reasons one of them that they aren’t trying at all ,another one is that you are not giving them the room for it.
well .. i’m from the first type ,i don’t try to affect people who don’t share any kind of understanding with me .
just like a ghost in their lives and there at mine ,this is a good strategy to avoid stupids and ppl you don’t like away and just keep close with the ones you understand ,BUT what if there is none.