I know i didn’t write anything in the last period ,but it’s never too late.

lets start from the beginning :


the last day there I had 2 exams in a row , Metallurgy and Mechanical design .

lets just say that i spent the first hour in my second 3 hours of examination trying to figure out what the heck did this guy meant by all the stuff in the exam !!

i constantly flipped the paper just to make sure that it was a Mechanical design and it was actually mine .

by the time i realized that it’s actually mine , I started laughing for another 1/2 h then left the exam and went home to get some sleeping (bottom line : i sucked BIG TIME )

but, i’m done and that’s what counts … for now .

– So you think you are done?

The problem that i was the first one in my friends to finish exams , that left me with a whole week of totally nothing to do and totally no one to hang up with , at all .

when they finished though the situation didn’t get any prettier every one had stuff to do , it seems that i’m the only one who have absolutely nothing to do , either that or i finish my stuff really fast that i get a lot of free time .

-You bet your A** I’m .

so I had to come up with a way to have fun all by myself , hmmm


watched Indiana Jones , Iron man , Chronicles of Narnia , going to Kabareeh tomorrow .


yope that’s right , I go to the pool alone ,and you know what : IT’S COOL , once you know the trick ๐Ÿ˜€ .

you see , to have fun you need ppl , so bring ppl or bring stuff that makes ppl come to you

(ie. Cards, Uno, dominoes or anything ppl might want to do ) u’ll socialize well and spend your day with company that you never expected .


One of my best friends think i’m not good enough to sit with his other friends . hmm well if that’s what u think dude , I DON’T GIVE A DAMN .

I don’t give a damn about your dudes or any body else BTW .

it’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way : Do NOT let any body break your mood for whatever reason , all in all : IT’S THERE LOSE NOT MINE

god i love this phrase ,I think i’ll have it printed on every T-shirt I have .

Bas kefaya keda el marra dee ..


Success, Hapiness and Sadness


I PASSED my first term exams ๐Ÿ˜€ ,just got my results this morning .

I was happy then ,very happy… success has the sweetest taste ever .

i didn’t expect to pass ,but i did .

i feel relieved ,very relieved .

but, by the end of the day the normal sadness returned .


  • I thought a lot about the reasons why I’m always sad and i came up with those :
  1. I have no big target in my life ,at all .
    • I don’t know what i want or what i should be doing .
    • i hate my studying field ,although it’s not bad and has a great future ,but i just don’t like it .
    • I lost all my old plans for future and can’t come up with new stuff .
  2. No female presence .
    • yope ,that’s right.. i don’t have a girlfriend and never had .. why?
    • simply because I have this thing about not being able to do useless stuff .
    • stuff that i can see clearly that it won’t work due to practical reasons and will cause a huge amount of pain to end .
    • also that I think that human emotions are something very dangerous to play with or take lightly.
    • yet again how do I know that if I’ve never tried ?
    • this also causing me a really bad case of loneliness that I’m unable to escape.
  3. Low self-confidence
    • my self-confidence is slightly shaken by past experiences and I have no idea how to restore it.
  4. other than those stuff my life is almost perfect ,I’ve no BIG BIG problems … nothing
  5. yes … nothing …. nothing is the problem itself .. a huge pile of nothing in both my heart and mind .


Photo by Paul Armstrong

one thing always made me feel good : singing as loud as i can in my car while driving ..ppl think i’m nuts ๐Ÿ˜€

Exams hallucinations : old post

This is an old post i wrote during my last term exams

5:04 AM 12/01/2008
5 am in the morning.
i’ve been studying for about 7 hours continuously now .
Everybody is a sleep.
Feeling extra weird.
Have no internet connection.
Writing on VIM * with green font on a black background which makes me feel like Iโ€™m doing something important.
Havenโ€™t talk to anybody for about 9 hours.
my stomach hurts.
Iโ€™m talking to myself.
wanna sleep ,but i drank too much coffee leaving me with widely opened eyes and a brain working with an efficiency of 0.15% (studying Thermodynamics) .
listening to a sad song

what am I .. I wish I was a butterfly **
i fly and fly until it is my time to die.

Canโ€™t focus on anything.
Lonely as hell.
wanna talk to somebody and it like there is just not enough ppl in the world.
why the hell is friends always unavailable when you need them ?
or when you don’t .
why they are only available when they need you ?
why the fuck Iโ€™m writing this ??
still have no Internet connection .
I said that b4 .
just to make sure .
the song changed.

if I was a bird in your hand.***
longing for a new fairy land.

I wanna sleep.
have to much work .. Where the fuck was i for the entire semester ?
home … Iโ€™m UNCOOL, uncool people are always home.****
The only true currency in this bankrupt world… is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool ..****

I think Iโ€™m hallucinating.
About time.

* Vi Improved Linux/Unix text editor
** Butterfly – Tapping the vein
*** Turn the sky – Angelzoom Feat. Apolcalyptica
**** Quotes from the movie Almost famous