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Why do Girls prefer Assholes?

May be this is not the suitable post for valentine time ,but i don’t care any way so here it is.

Why do Girls prefer Assholes?
A simple question.. Why do most Egyptian Girls prefer assholes?
Sure not all of them, but a large portion of them are attracted to guys who just treat them by the meanest way possible (sy el sayed way).
And don’t tell me that is not true because I’ve seen it right in front of my eyes A LOT.
A friend of mine was screaming at his girl friend for returning home at 4:00pm ..that’s right 4 at the mid day ,but he told her to return at 2:00 that’s 2 hours late .. WTF
He is a really nice guy, so when I asked him why he does that?
The answer was simple.. he has to .
If he doesn’t do that then she won’t like him ..
So I said: dude… You are an asshole.
He replayed: I know.. That’s how they (the girls) like it , you gotta be an asshole to get the girls heart .
Once more time .. WTF
The problem is that the situations I’ve seen prove him right, the more the guy treats the girl like hell the more she gets attached to him, it’s stupid.
Another friend of mine is a super womanizer, yet I’ve never EVER seen him treating one of them with even small portion of dignity… And they alllike him…

for the third time WTF.

Another thing you learn hanging around with TYPICAL Egyptian chicks, if you can’t –don’t want to- lie then you don’t stand a chance dude.

I don’t want to sound silly, but i’ve seen things and i just can’t understand it .

does any one has any other explanations?