The Two albums 33 movies Band

it’s called E.S. Posthumus

This band is the most Extra ordinary band i’ve ever seen in my life.

it was created in 2000 yet they only released 2 albums the last was just released last month .

despite that ,their music has been used in 33 film .. yes 33 .

their music is very unique and so hard to find anything like it anywhere else .

The most used piece is Nara

While my personal fav. is Pompeii

There is also Ebla

and Cuzco

Both of their albums can be found via bittorrent 😀

note that all the above tracks are from the first album Unearthed the last album is in 2 CDs and contains about 28 new tracks … EnJOY


Beautiful women

I was walking on the courniche and came by a line of about
nine cars fully loaded of teenage guys.

First I didn’t care a lot actually as it’s a usual scene to see,
except when I noticed them looking at a girl.

One of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen even with the
rolled (probably hash) cigarette in her hand.

I instantly realized that this is a hookers picking up zone
and those boys don’t even know each other.

They are all driven by the same desire of a beautiful girl
in their hands.

And a beautiful girl she was.

She was somewhere between 17 and 20, very well dressed about
160 cm, she was the kind of girls that visits me in my fantasies.

She walked straight to one of the cars.

The one which I was about to walk by.

Once she got into the cars the boy next to her started
kissing and playing with everything his hands could reach.

Once I had a close look I knew this girl was on something
much stronger than hash … MUCH MORE

Our eyes met, I don’t know what was the girl thinking or if
she was thinking at all.

But I was full of… Pettiness

Yes, Pettiness … I felt that she was too fragile, too perfect
to be like that especially at this age.

Yet I passed by … like I always do.

But I’ll always remember those 15 seconds of my life.