I feel so much rage that i’m ready to break whatever/whoever stands in my way .

just try it .

i’m waiting



in 3 years if blogging i only got tagged twice one by dear Bluelue and the other (this one) by Gjoe …. thanks a lot girls lol .

The Rules that most of you already know

  • Post 10 random things about yourself
  • Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
  • Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
  • You canโ€™t tag the person who tagged you (youโ€™ll have to make new friends)
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here it goes :

  1. I eat tremendous amounts of food .. more than you can possibly think .

  2. i weigh 55 Kg. no matter how much i eat i never gain a single kg. , it’s a bless and a curse depends on your point of view.

  3. i always walk on the right extreme edge of the side way . no matter how big , crowded/empty it is ,I’m always on the right edge (no specific reason at all ) .

  4. i like girls with dark short hair and i hate blonds .

  5. I’ve never fallen in love before.

  6. i flush (yeah i do get tomato red in embarrassing situations and i can’t help it so bare me the laughs )

  7. i don’t care much for people and yet i always complain about being lonely (or i do ,but I’m just not so good at showing it) .

  8. I never wait for the final release from a software and always try the betas ,( that’s why I’m using Ubuntu Hardy and FF3 since they came to light .

  9. I have an assholes hit list. so when the time comes , I’ll know who to whack !

  10. I’ve always had a beautiful long brown hair when i was young ,but now I’m going bold. they are gonna call me the thin bold guy .THEN . i’m gonna do some serious whacking ๐Ÿ˜› .

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Why : i like their blogs , what else did you think ?!

Sex Vs. Sport


So i have a question for you people ..
Does practicing sport makes you desire sex a little less ??
if yes then what ?? .. whenever i feel horny i would just go around and
jump over stuff or even have a pretty tough soccer match ?well the problem is in middle eastern countries such as mine pre-martial sex is a MAJOR sin by the rules of Islam .

I’m not a really committed Muslim myself ,but I try to avoid stuff labeled as “MAJOR SINS” .
problem is that I’m convinced that people shouldn’t have sex before
marriage not mentioning being faithful after it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Anyway ,this is not the issue now, the issue is : Does practicing sport makes it any easier to survive without it ??
if yes then what kind of sport and does it really helps?
if no, then what do you think is the solution ? and please don’t throw at
me stuff like go and have sex dude, or go gay or something like that ๐Ÿ™‚ .

many people would think that this post is hilarious – including me – ,but it needs to be answered nonetheless .

everybody’s Alternative

Alternativeย duality

I do have a lot of friends with all kinds of personalities ,but i don’t know why i always get the feeling that i’m everybody’s second choice or alternative that they turn out to ,just when they have no one else.
Although i don’t really care or think about this a lot ,but deep down i’ve always known it and it HURTS LIKE HELL .

keeping the faith

i’ve just finished watching keeping the faith movie ..
i watched it because i like Edward Norton and Jenna Elfman really looked cute in this movie – i like short hair girls ๐Ÿ™‚
after watching it …it makes me wonder .. is it that hard to get friends who truly understand you?
there is an old Arab saying that “there is 3 impossible things ,the phoenix , the boggy man and a loyal friend”


the problem for me is not about loyalty as it’s about understanding .
if no one around me is capable of understanding how I think or feel then what’s the point of having him/her as a friend in the first place.
if i can’t express my feelings to anyone or just have fun then i’m all alone … god it sucks .
having a lot of people around me is something i’m used to ,but lake of understanding eventually leads to silence and lake of effect which is the biggest problem.
some people effects you the moment you see them and some other people which you see every day , but there existence doesn’t make any difference in your life or even your day , that’s because of many reasons one of them that they aren’t trying at all ,another one is that you are not giving them the room for it.
well .. i’m from the first type ,i don’t try to affect people who don’t share any kind of understanding with me .
just like a ghost in their lives and there at mine ,this is a good strategy to avoid stupids and ppl you don’t like away and just keep close with the ones you understand ,BUT what if there is none.

Feeling Lost

Lost.. this is the most accurate description to what i feel now.

I have so many feelings at the same time .. i dunno .. should i be happy, sad, lonely or even depressed ?

i feel all of that in one day .

i wake up with a feeling and i sleep with another and with another one during the day .

I don’t know what i wantin life .. what do i wanna be huh..?

really .. what should i be in this life ?

i’m 21 and it’s a matter of months till i get to the real world and god knows i’m not ready for that, but it’s coming whether i wanted or not it’s coming

and god knows i’m NOT ready to this life.i’m an Egyptian .

that means a middle eastern 3rd world country and the situation here is just bad as it sounds ..may be i’m escaping , but do i have other choices ?? i dunno