The Morning drive

I went the other day to give my dad a ride to his work right after dawn and I didn’t feel like heading home after it ,so I took of on a shooting campaign from 6am to 9am:D and got whatever I could out of those charming hours of the morning .

Here is what I got ,I need to know what you think people .

camera : Canon Powershot A710IS .

note : click on the pics to be redirected to the main Flickr page and view full size images

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2

stanley bridge2


stanley bridge 5

stanley 3



Bibliotheca Alexandrina 3


Bibliotheca Alexandrina 5

MEMo 159.jpg

MEMo 137.jpg

MEMo 113.jpg

a fly

MEMo 127.jpg

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 10


2 exams 1 day : X-12

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

I have 2 exams tomorrow , 2 freakin exams
i’ll be setting on my butt writing stuff from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm tomorrow .
right now , i’m down to my ears in Gears,shafts and bearing .
oh and in a while i’ll take the parts left of my brain and smash it in a wall of Metallurgy

Music Matbakh : Music Unleashed

I’ve just came from Music Matbakh’s concert at bibAlex
i went not knowing what to expect ,but i wasn’t disappointed at all .
for a start Music Matbakh is a Mega band with artist from across the Middle East and England .

you can find all the details about them from there official site .

here is a clip from there Gordan concert, they play almost all kinds of Music so make sure to see the ENTIRE VIDEO .

does anyone know how to Embed ikbis videos in ??

They concert in bibalex had only Arab musicians with no English ones ,but it was GREAT .

the best kind of music i’ve ever heard in a long time .

the only bad thing that the audience were very little about 300 or so ,but this is due to lack of publicity made about the concert.

i’ve only heard about the concert through Facebook .

any way if you have the chance to attend any of there concerts DO NOT MISS IT , IT’S MORE THAN AWESOME .

Beautiful women

I was walking on the courniche and came by a line of about
nine cars fully loaded of teenage guys.

First I didn’t care a lot actually as it’s a usual scene to see,
except when I noticed them looking at a girl.

One of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen even with the
rolled (probably hash) cigarette in her hand.

I instantly realized that this is a hookers picking up zone
and those boys don’t even know each other.

They are all driven by the same desire of a beautiful girl
in their hands.

And a beautiful girl she was.

She was somewhere between 17 and 20, very well dressed about
160 cm, she was the kind of girls that visits me in my fantasies.

She walked straight to one of the cars.

The one which I was about to walk by.

Once she got into the cars the boy next to her started
kissing and playing with everything his hands could reach.

Once I had a close look I knew this girl was on something
much stronger than hash … MUCH MORE

Our eyes met, I don’t know what was the girl thinking or if
she was thinking at all.

But I was full of… Pettiness

Yes, Pettiness … I felt that she was too fragile, too perfect
to be like that especially at this age.

Yet I passed by … like I always do.

But I’ll always remember those 15 seconds of my life.

Yet another Alexandria Building

A disaster Waiting to happen

This is an old building in Ibrahemeyah area in Alexandria , the building is about to collapse anytime now ..
with Loran collapsed building just a week ago ,will any body move before the disaster happens .
you can see in the pics how the building in severely damaged ,
even the steel rods that were  to reinforce it have bended under the building’s load .
this building WILL COLLAPSE and PEOPLE WILL DIE if no body acts ..

Wikimania 2008 place announced

Ladies and gentlemen ,


The Jury for Wikimania 2008 bids have met and are pleased to announce
that Wikimania 2008 will be held in Alexandria, Egypt.
The Bids were assessed by a Jury[0] which included community members

representing various geographical areas, and organisers of the previous

conferences. The Jury used 12 criteria[1] to judge the bids, which were

drawn up based on the Jury’s previous experiences organising the

conference and with input from a wide range of community concerns.

Alexandria was found to be particularly strong in the areas of

reflecting the Wikimedia Foundation’s roots in geo-diversity and

multi-lingualism, of the very exciting nature of the proposed venue

and its local facilities, and of the particularly advanced nature of

the financial planning.

All three Bids were very strong in differing ways, each with stronger

and weaker points. We would like to draw particular attention to the

efforts of the team behind the Atlanta bid, which came in second place

and was particularly commendable in the areas of providing in-facility

accommodation and social space, and for doing great outreach to local

Wikimedians. Their efforts could serve as an example to any team

hoping to get the local community involved. The Cape Town bid was

marked strongly by the Jury for cultural diversity, a particularly

benign local environment, and efforts to secure local recognition and

facilities. We’d especially like to congratulate Cape Town on

providing our very first strong bid from the Southern Hemisphere.

A table of the results is given below. Each member of the jury had up

to 60 points to allocate to the bids in each of the 12 categories,

which they did after a period of discussion and careful deliberation.

Category         Alexandria  Atlanta     Cape Town
Accommodation       251         298          71

Funding             264         224         152

Location            294         154         182

Internet Access     204         263         133

Local Laws          155         253         222

Press               232         235         153

Organizing Team     244         206         163

Rotation            305          55         260

Social Areas        222         258         140

Cost                289         206         125

Venue               323         158         139

Visas               243         109         263

Total              3026        2419        2003

Note that a 13th category, on personal preference, was polled but is

not included as it had no significant effect on the result.

The Jury would like to thank all of those involved in bids, including

those whose bids did not go forward to the final selection, for their

efforts which combined to produce a competitive field.

We strongly encourage all those who bid this year, and those of you

wondering whether your city could have done the same, to consider

bidding for Wikimania 2009, for which the decision will begin very

shortly. See the Wikimania 2009 page on meta[2] for further updates

within the next few days.

We are especially looking forward to the Wikimedia Foundation

collaborating with one of the most famous repositories of knowledge in

the world, and emphasising the newly developing Wikimedia projects in

Africa and the Middle East. We would like to encourage the entire

community to support the Alexandria team over the coming year in

producing an outstanding conference, and look forward to meeting as

many of you as possible there.

On behalf of the Wikimania 2008 bid Jury.

[0] –

Sue Gardner and Jan-Bart DeVreede abstained from voting.

[1] – 2008/Judging criteria

[2] –


As a member of Alexandria team i assure every body that we will make our best in order to make this even a remarkable and spectacular experience to the entire Wikipedian Universe

Wikimania 2008 place decision delayed for the second time

The Wikimania international conference place decision has been delayed for the second time now ,hopefully for the last time .
the Main contester cities are Alexandria which i’m honored to be one of it’s team , Capetown and Atlanta .
I really hope that my dear Alexandria win and bring this event for the first time to an African, Middle eastern , Arab and Egyptian land .
best of luck to whoever wins the bid . 🙂