Tools to make your blogging life easier

If you are an every day blogger you’ll find stuff like posting ,reading blogs ,checking out the blogs you’ve commented on and ppl replies a very annoying operation .

fortunately there are easier way to such stuff

1- Essentials : web browser

If you are a blogger then you need a modern web browser that helps you do the job faster easier and can integrate tools to help you with specific tasks .

First of all : STAY A WAY FROM IE.

there is a lot of browsers but the most important ones are :

Firefox: The award-winning Web browser which just celebrated 500.000.000 downloads , it’s very secure, and fully customizable via extensions to your online life.

Opera : The coolest, fastest, and most secure free Web browser ,that’s what it’s website says any way . BUT it’s not open source and it doesn’t support extensions .

Flock: which is basically Firefox modified to work better with tools like internal blog editor, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook .

it’s the perfect choice for your social cyber life and my own personal choice

here is a video to demonstrate how to use Flock

2- Easier posting

i’m assuming that by now you use either Flock or Firefox .

Flock already has an internal blog Editor that works with blogger, WordPress and most blogging platform ,but honestly i don’t like it very much .

So i use an extension called ScribeFire which works perfectly with both Firefox and Flock .

Here is a tutorial on how to install and use Scribefire

3- Easier reading

If you follow a lot of blogs it will be very hard to just go to every one of it and view it manually .

the answer to that is to use a feed reader

the feed reader is either an offline or web-based

the most famous readers are Bloglines and Google reader

personally i like google reader since it integrated into my all in one google account

here is a video to demonstrate google reader

4- easier comment tracking

i comment on a lot of blogs every day and i often forget where i was commenting and i don’t know if someone has replied to my comment or not  .

the solution lies in a comment tracking tools like coComment .

which basically acts like a firefox extension that tracks the posts you comment on and inform you with the new updates .

you can install coComment for here or view their getting started section .

Enjoy an easier life 😀


Yet another year 2008

2007 is Finally over .. god i really hated this year .

it was just .. BIG and full of all kinds of bad news .

But it passed and a new one to come with a little hope of being better than the last one.

i’ll tell you a secret .. this is my 4th blog .. yope 4th 😀

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years and 4 months now ,not continuously though .

all in all .. i had 70.000+ visits, 400+ posts and 700+ comments .

although i really don’t care about statistics ,but it’s always nice to know that there is actually ppl who think that you write something worth wasting time on .

why do i change blogs ? i get bored easily PLUS when ppl know you real identity it pretty much decrease the margin of freedom that you created the blog to enjoy in the first place.

ok here is the time for 2008 resolutions :

  1. Pass this year in college (exams in 2 weeks ).
  2. Learn German (already started).
  3. Learn Diving (first thing in summer).
  4. Get a nice girl friend lol
  5. get my license (very soon)
  6. reorganize my social life ( have no idea how)
  7. get an Apple Macbook.( i’m praying for one)
  8. Pass the LPI first level
  9. hmmm can’t remember anything else right now .

i hope i’ll be able to do those things or even half of them .

just to end up the post with something funny .

The Bizo Award for the (what’s the word for Afshakh in English :D) Internet use in the Arab world .

you can see an interview with one of the runner ups ( User:Ahmed basyouni) in here .

it’s seriously hilarious folks 😀 .