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Why do i always revert back to Ubuntu ?

Every time i try a new distro i find my self reverting back to Ubuntu soon after i install it .
first one was back when Mandriva 2007 spring was released after installing it, i thought i was in linux heaven and all my dreams came true but all this faded when i tried to update my system and my Xorg configuration got missed up and it just wouldn’t start although i didn’t use any external repos i was just using the official update repo .
second time was just yesterday after installing openSUSE 10.3 Gnome cd and to be honest it’s one of the best Linux systems i’ve ever seen .

t he installation was smooth , the package management was greatly enhanced and every thing was perfect until i updated my system the Banshee refused to start telling me to reinstall it .. so i removed it and tried to reinstall it and boom .. their was a conflict in the Gstreamer packages that Zypper failed miserably to solve .

so i just installed Smart and god bless the ppl behind this piece of software it’s totally smart .. there were 2 packages that needed to be downgraded in order to reinstall banshee again that what Zypper failed in doing .

so i let Smart do the job and reinstalled Banshee ..

next i installed Azureus and it was the latest 3.0 series ,but when starting it just gave me an error message of a program crash and it just didn’t open .. i tried to reinstall but it was no use .

i thought since Azureus wasn’t working then i’ll switch to Deluge .. it also didn’t start ..
by then i was really disappointed and wasn’t able to continue with all this problems at one time so i switched of the pc and went to sleep .
this morning i started openSUSE hoping to solve my problems and start working .
yet i met another problem .. this one can’t be over looked .
my network card stopped working and i had no internet connection.
i tried every thing i could and every solution i could think of to the issue but all was in vain.
this is where i had enough.
i know a lot of you might say that this problems are trivial or have simple solutions , but i’m not supposed to run in such problems in the final release that’s why there are betas and RCs .
i mainly revert to Ubuntu because this stuff just doesn’t happen .
you can never break your system by updating from th official repo.
and devices doesn’t just stop working out of no where ..
this stuff just doesn’t happen with Ubuntu.


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18 responses to “Why do i always revert back to Ubuntu ?

  1. Plto ⋅

    “you can never break your system by updating from th official repo.
    and devices doesn’t just stop working out of no where .. ”

    It could refer to Debian stable, but certrainly not to Ubuntu, because you can break Ubuntu by installind updates from official repository.
    Besides, in a similar way I can write a review called “Why I always remove Ubuntu as soon as it is installed on my machine”.
    You have bad lack. My experience with new suse is much more pleasant.

  2. shamira ⋅

    huh? surely, you haven’t stayed in ubuntu that long, that you could say it won’t break by just updating in the official repo.

    in fact this is one of the weakest points of ubuntu.

  3. Hi..
    Ubuntu has the best update and Add/Remove applications service.
    I was having passion to try out different Linux distros once but now I don’t feel to try out anything other than Ubunutu. Really Ubuntu Rocks!

  4. Its the same reason First time windows users revert back to Windows, whn Linux goes wrong, its natural human behavior, When it all goes wrong, revert to something safe.

    I’ve been flitting between distros for years now, and I too round myself reverting back to Ubuntu when it all got a bit too much, the Media codecs not working, or apps breaking in a newly installed distro of choice.

    I have to say, over the last 8 weeks i’ve set a personal best for NOT going back to Ubuntu, and sticking with the current distro.

    Whats good, is you ARE going back to a different Linux distro when it all goes wrong, and not to Windows, and lts face it, the reason why there are so many distros, is because of the choice, we all look for different things in our Desktop, and each distro has its pros and cons, none stands head and shoulders above the rest, Ubuntu, like all the others has its issues, however, most of us, will from time to time go back to the one we know…

  5. Xero

    @ pito, shamira :
    I use Ubuntu since 5.04 Hoary and i’ve never encountered one case of crashing due to official update .. not once
    may be your luck is a bit worse with it but it just didn’t happen to me.

    “Why I always remove Ubuntu as soon as it is installed on my machine”

    i would like to read that one 🙂 .
    @Vivek: you can still try new distros with your Ubuntu installed using virtualization tools like Virtualbox or Qemu .. that’s what i’ve decided to do.
    @ David: exactly . it’s a matter of personal choice and what you feel comfortable with .. i tried to make such a choice and failed several times ..
    what’s your current distro of choice ?

  6. Dimce Ivanoski ⋅

    I tried Ubuntu, and I was using it for about 5 mounts. I was not satisfied with it. It is a fact that it had the best Add/Remove Programs manager, but still it is not a “Core Linux”. I am using windows as well at work, XP, and Vista, and I can tell if you want something win like then you have the Ubuntu distro.

    But if you whant something linux like then you have other distros as SuSE.

    After 5 mounts with Ubuntu, my personal choice is SuSE.

  7. speedygeo

    I always revert back to MEPIS.
    It was the second linux distro I installed on my laptop. but I liked Kubuntu. But after 6 months of Kubuntu I want mepis again.
    Now It is based on Debian stable with an great mepis repository updated to the latest stable versions!! Do you like Debian with KDE with the very usefull MEPIS packages??

  8. papa_rod ⋅

    LOL! I suspect it’s mainly a matter of personal preference. I have become an Ubuntu addict who used to be a Suse addict, and before that I would never have thought of leaving Fedora Core behind. I started off years ago with Slackware on floppies and I thought that was the best then! (Well it was compared to Mr. Bill’s product anyways!

  9. I agree with Xero that tools loke VMware, Qemu and Virtualbox (check my blog) are really wondefull. You can check out any linux distribution you like with the minimimum of effort, without partitioning. And if you don’t like it, just throw away the file!
    I installed SuSe today and it was simple to install, I’m curious!

  10. sketching

    I usally install SuSE. I haven’t tried Ubuntu yet. I will have to get it a go someday.

  11. sanjay

    I want to like Ubuntu, but it failed to update and messed up my dual boot setup with XP on an ibm x31 thinkpad.

    Have played around with MEPIS, while it doesn’t have the fandom of Ubuntu, it seems more stable.

  12. Xero


    “and I can tell if you want something win like then you have the Ubuntu distro.”

    that’s a new one .. Gnome doesn’t look like Win ,not even close

    @speedygeo, @sanjay : last time i used Mepis it was Mepis 3 pr sth like that i don’t remember , but i liked it and intend to try it once 7 stable comes out ,but on virtual machine.

    @papa_rod : exactly 😀

    @ Maarten: VM saves a lot of time an effort but it’s useful only if like to try a lot of Linux flavors , useless in production IMHO.
    @ sketching : give Ubuntu a shot on VM ,it’s very easy to install Virtualbox or VMware on openSUSE 10.3

  13. Baby Milo

    Ubuntu is by far the most developed… I have since switched back several times!

  14. Thanks. I use virtualization with VMWare. I have itch to try different distros anyways and today only I have downloaded Debian 4 VMWare installation. I will surely give it a try. Anyways thanks for your suggestion.

  15. Dany ⋅

    I tried suse 10.3 1 cd, I need spanish language so I let the online repositories start dowloading more than 800 mb, I thin it´s much. the instalation was slow realy slow, whe start it´s much faster than before, I like kickof and the suse artwork, compiz didn´t work, I need acces to a windows network, but did not work, I google and find the answer and add a cuple o lines on network, I don`t why even I have to do that, ok, I have .avi files so when I go to install, it doesn´t the install failed… so I have it… put my gutsy beta an istalled, half an hour take, and network, compiz codecs all where fine fast and now I´m back, I think I could stay longer on suse but this is silly, Ubuntu just work like I wants or espect so MAndriva it´s out, I have a couple a days until Gutsy it´s out… But always return to Ubuntu and Gutsy It´s looking good really good

  16. Idetrorce ⋅

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  17. I like kickof and the suse artwork, compiz didn´t work, I need acces to a windows network, but did not work, I google and find the answer and add a cuple o lines on network, I don`t why even I have to do that, ok, I have .

  18. а все таки: восхитительно..

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